Stephanie Briones

Zapier Editor Redesign

Visual Design UX Design HTML CSS

Five months before the actual release day in January 2016, we were scheduled to launch a redesigned version of the Zap editor to 10% of new users as an A/B test.

The team had been doing a lot of user testing before I joined, and they’d gotten a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Many of them told us that the editor was great because it provided the tool they needed to build multi-step workflows. It was what they had been asking for.

The new Zap editor

But we just couldn't shake the feeling that we could do better. Though the test participants were telling us what we had built was allowing them to build the Zaps they wanted, they also were telling us that it took more time to set up a Zap, and it felt like there were a lot more steps.

Even though our CPO (and project lead) knew that we'd have to launch much later, he supported the idea of a redesign of the redesign. What we had built in the end was something that we felt not only solved the "too many steps" problem, but something that we were so much more confident would meet the needs of our customers, while allowing us far more flexibility for the future.

Here are just a few of the new features: