Stephanie Briones

Rosa SanMarchi

Branding Graphic Design Visual Design

Rosa is a good friend of mine. She's a talented actor, jewelry designer, and metalsmith. When she told me that she was working on branding for her jewelry making business, I jumped at the chance to work with her. She wanted something for her new line that would also complement Create Your Happy—her original collection.

Create Your Happy: Rebrand

One of the first things I asked Rosa for was some examples of brands that she is inspired by. That set the tone and direction for research and some initial concepts. After showing Rosa some explorations, we decided to also update the branding for Create Your Happy. What I was working towards with her new brand ended up being more her style.

Color Palette

One metal that she was starting to use in more of her new pieces was copper. She was also using a lot of brass and silver, so I started experimenting with metallic colors that would mix well with her bright, cheerful Create Your Happy look.

Logo Exploration

I started with the heart. I wanted to create a custom shape that reflected the playfulness of the jewelry she was making, and wanted to create in the future.

Pattern & Shape Exploration

Rosa SanMarchi: Branding

Rosa was deciding between a few different names for the new collection, and in the end made the decision to go with her name—Rosa SanMarchi.

Logo Exploration
Business Cards

Rosa was really interested in square business cards. I felt it would fit the simple, geometric style of her brand well. I designed them to be two-sided and have the logo on one side, and a tagline and contact info on the other to keep them really simple.

Shop Banners

For shops like Etsy, banners are pretty important. I came up with a few different versions that Rosa could rotate through when she wanted.

Rosa SanMarchi + Create Your Happy

Take a look at Rosa's work on Etsy.