Stephanie Briones

Bit Bank

Visual Design Branding Graphic Design

The Project

Bit is a fictional company that I wish were real. It is a bank that cares about design, and understands how important it is to the customer's experience as a whole. Bit wants everything they make to have a thoughtful, meaningful design that fits in with their forward thinking mission.

After seeing that the new credit cards my partner and I received a couple of days ago were bright red, heavily patterned, and cluttered, just like a couple of our older cards, I decided to make designing a better looking credit card my next brand design challenge.

Bit Logo

I almost went with the name Pixel when my partner suggested Bit. I could instantly see going in a technical, futuristic direction with the design, and I liked that it was only three letters long. I didn't spend too much time finding a typeface since I knew I wanted an 8-bit one.

Your New Card

Right after finishing the card and logo, I wanted to see how the letterhead might look. Doing this determined even more of the branding, including the monospaced body text, and the large, 8-bit, yellow lettering in the background.

To me, one of the best parts about getting a new card is peeling it off of the letter they send you. I wanted the letter itself to be something I would enjoy looking at.

Brand Guidelines

5 colors, logo rules, type suggestions, and card styles.

Banking for the Future

Some banks are working hard to improve their services and their design, which is really great to see. I've been a Simple customer since 2012, and I love what they do.