Stephanie Briones


Visual Design HTML CSS

The App

Artisan is 8th Light's internal tool for project management. This was a redesign that Adam and I had the opportunity to work on for a while.


We started off with wireframes and attempted reimagining the interface. We wanted to imcorporate the language 8th Lighters and its clients use while planning an iteration into the interface itself.

Story Board Prototype

Overall we simplified the application and removed about 60% of the pages that are in the current app. We built a prototype using Middleman and started bringing over some of the functionality for the story board. We introduced a color coding system to indicate different types of stories, (UX, Security, Dev Ops, etc).

Responsive Story Board

The current app is not responsive and is impossible to view on mobile devices. We knew we needed to change that, so we made sure that the framework we built was fully responsive from the start.

We haven't been able to go back to the project in a while, but we really like what we came up with and learned a lot in the process.