Design Conference in NOLA

Travel Companions

Day One

Chartres St.

The first thing I noticed about New Orleans was the beautiful weather. We checked into our rooms, and dropped off our bags so we could hurry back out and explore some of the French Quarter.

I immediately fell for the architecture and the variety of colors with which the buildings were painted. The shapes of the windows, and the small overhanging balconies with iron railings make the French Quarter one of the most charming places I've been in the US.

Day Two

Bonjour, CSS Dev Conf!

The first morning in New Orleans, Adam and I were excited to get to the conference hotel down the street, and pick up our badges for CSS Dev Conf.

We were really looking forward to hearing about Flexbox and CSS Architecture. In the CSS world, hearing about ways to make your CSS more modular is always more than welcome. Especially when in the beautiful Hotel Monteleone.

Day Three

Adam and Rylan at Santa Barbara beach

New Orleans, I love you.

During our last day, we spent some time at the pool and explored the city. Taking some time to tour St. Louis Cathedral, and walk along Frenchmen Street.

Anywhere you walk in the French Quarter, there is something incredible to see— from the historic architecture to the beautiful food. The city has a vibe I have never experienced elsewhere. It now has a special place in my heart.

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